Top 5 Reasons Why Strippers Are A Bucks Party Staple

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Bucks Party Packages

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Why You Should Hire Sexy Waitresses For Your Party

Strippers, sexy waitresses, topless bartenders, lingerie dancers  —  all sorts of sexy professional entertainers are a must for men’s parties. What is a party without something amusing to watch, right?

Men hire strippers for many reasons. An obvious one is they like to linger their stares on attractive women and get a lap dance. No matter how we wish that is the only thing they desire – it’s not the only reason. You have to give guys some credit too, you know. What else could be the reasons why men hire sexy waitresses and lingerie dancers for their party?

Here are the top 5 reasons you should know!

1. For their eyes and graphic imagination

“Boys will be boys”, they say. And they always enjoy their time when there’s a woman in the room. It’s kind of expected that guys would enjoy seeing girls strip, dance and even give the guys a lap dance. The hired girls are professional entertainers who are there to let the guys laugh, smile, dance and howl to their heart’s content.

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2. To bond with other guys

On a more serious note, it’s unbelievable how guys bond with each other. Having the girls around can break the ice and are great conversation starters, while the drinks help men keep the ball rolling until the end of the night. When guys talk, sometimes they tell bizarre stories, making things up, and laugh their jokes off. The bottom line is to connect with their bros.

Guys bond over the silliest things and the aforementioned activities are just to name a few. A party is a celebration of something important and the presence of each one is heartwarming for the man of the hour or for each person. They talk, drink, play, laugh, tease each other, and do whatever. Bonding in their own crazy ways is just how they do it, you know?

3. For entertainment

The hired strippers and other sexy girls have their own interactive show to present to you. They will either dance, strip or let you guys have a body shot, etc. Other girls will join in on the party games for a little more excitement — beer pong, underwear twister, statue dance, and many more! In the later part of the party when the show is done, the girls might slowly end the night by making rounds and having a little chat with the guys before they leave and let the guys enjoy the night by themselves.

4. To be playfully cheeky

Guys would like to harmlessly flirt and joke around the girls, dance with them, play games with them and be a little naughty. They’re gonna enjoy the girls while they are there.  It’s all just playful remarks just to continue the fun and make the guys laugh. At the end of the day, the strippers and sexy waitresses are professional entertainers. Significant others don’t have a reason to be worried.

5. For amusement

In a lot of bucks parties, the guys really just tease the groom-to-be all night. They make the man of the hour do crazy and humiliating things for everyone’s amusement. They make him chug until he gets wasted, show him what he’s gonna be missing when he’s married, and some crazy dares all the while having fun. It’s not as extreme as it sounds. As mentioned earlier, that’s how they bond.

Some guys prepare drinking games such as drink or dare, Medusa, king’s cup, and many more. To spice up the game, the girls can even join in with the guys! They can either join as a player or as a distraction. How interesting!

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Whether it’s a crazy bucks party, a corporate or promotional event, a boys night out, or even a divorce party — whatever party it is that needs the ladies, Deluxe Models is always ready to serve you!

The notorious image of a sex-crazed bucks party will forever live on to be what people think, but it’s actually nowhere near that. Times have changed, especially today wherein people are more practical and loyal. There’s a long list of bucks party ideas that include strippers and sexy waitresses. The point of a fun all-guys party is just to drink and hang out with each other. A little amusement and flirty fun never hurt anybody, right? Hire your own bucks party girls now and have a great night with your best mates!




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