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Deluxe Models has a number of bucks party and venue packages in Sydney suitable for any type of occasion.  Check out the package options below

Sydney Bucks Party Packages

Sydney truly is a city that has it all: world-class bars and restaurants, a lively pub scene, awesome beaches and no shortage of fun ways to spend a day out.

So if you’ve landed the task of coming up with the ultimate Sydney buck’s party idea to celebrate your best mate in his final days of single life, it can be pretty stressful to plan the perfect day or night.

A good buck’s party idea is fun for the whole group, takes in the best parts of the Harbour City, and shows everyone a good time. Thankfully Deluxe Models Australia are here to help. We’ve got the best buck’s party packages in Sydney all wrapped up.

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Make Your Buck’s Party Memorable With Deluxe Models

Planning an unforgettable buck’s night in Sydney just got so much easier. Deluxe Models take the hassle out of finding a venue, booking entertainment and organising a bar tab. You get the benefit of our exclusive partnerships with some of the city’s best venues, plus we take care of all the details like food and booze packages.

And of course, we can’t forget the entertainment. Deluxe Models girls are the sexiest in Sydney, highly professional (and discreet), reliable, and know just how to entertain a crowd.

With a buck’s party package from Deluxe Models, you can rest easy knowing it’s all taken care of:

  • 5+ exclusive venues to choose from
  • Activities to suit all tastes
  • Bar and food packages
  • Games and entertainment all night
  • Sydney’s hottest topless waitresses and strippers

Tasteful, raunchy, or a little bit of both: you choose the vibe and we’ll make it happen. We can also tailor any of our buck’s party ideas to suit your group and budget.

Spice up your Buck’s Party with Sydney’s Best Strippers

No legendary buck’s party is complete without a little adult entertainment. Remember: the focus is on the buck, but you’ve got a group of mates to entertain as well.

Deluxe Models have the most seductive cast of topless waitresses, strippers and adult performers ready to be the centre of attention at your buck’s party. Whether your mates are the kind who prefer tasteful topless or lingerie waitresses, private lap dances, or XXX live shows, we’ve got the girls for you.

Plus you can mix and match your favourite brunettes, blondes and redheads with a fun activity for the ultimate buck’s party idea.

Our Packages:

We work closely with the following venues:
– The Occidental Hotel, Sydney
– Friend in Hand, Glebe
– The Office Hotel, Sydney
– Boat Cruise, Darling Harbour
– The Captains Balcony, Barangaroo
– The Grand Hotel, Sydney
Check out our Sydney venue packages for more details and photos.

Pull Off The Ultimate Sydney Buck’s Party With Deluxe Models

Deluxe Models makes it easy to plan an unforgettable buck’s night (or day). It’s your responsibility to send your best mate to the altar with a smile on his face and memories that will last a lifetime. We’re here to make sure you fulfill that charge.

All you need to do is choose your favourite Sydney buck’s party idea and contact Deluxe Models to sort out the details. We are happy to tailor a package that suits you. From boozy harbour cruises, to poker nights, and private rooms in some of Sydney’s most popular venues – let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it for you.

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Bucks Party & Venue Packages Sydney

Get Great Deals on Exciting Bucks Party Packages in Sydney

A bucks party, also known as a bachelor party, is an exciting event for any man getting ready to tie the knot with the love of his life. It’s that one final night of freedom and fun with the guys before it’s time to settle down and get serious.

Many men appreciate having this fun quality time with their group of friends because it allows them to create some unforgettable memories while celebrating that last night of being single before officially becoming a husband.

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Good Bucks Party Ideas to Consider

There are plenty of different ways to celebrate with your group of friends. Not sure what to do? Consider hitting the club, having a few drinks, and watching a few strippers put on quite the show. You could enjoy a game of poker, have a delicious meal, and then have some of the best drinks throughout the night to make you feel even better.

Most men like to hit the stripclubs during a bucks party. It’s a great way for these men to have a full night of fun and freedom with their best friends before getting married.

Who Is Responsible For Paying For the Party?

The person who is responsible for paying for the bucks party packages in Sydney will vary.  In some instances, the best man chooses to pay for most of the party. However, in most cases, the group of friends all chip in, and the groom may even want to contribute to the cost to make it that much more affordable for everyone involved. It’s important for the group of friends to discuss the cost and payment options before planning one of these exciting and enjoyable parties.

Who Is the One That Will Plan the Party?

The best man is normally the person who takes on the responsibility of planning the party for his best friend because he’s the one who knows the groom best. Because the best man has been selected to take on such an important role during the wedding, he then typically becomes responsible for planning out different aspects of the bucks party to ensure the groom-to-be has the absolute best time possible.

Who Should Be Invited?

When choosing who to invite, the best man will usually work closely with the groom to make a list of close friends to invite.  However, in some instances, it is just the groomsmen and close family who are invited to the bucks party. It doesn’t matter who you choose to invite as long as you’re spending the quality time with a great group of people who are ready to let loose and have a great time. Consider creating a list of all the people you’ll invite ahead of time.

What Can You Do During a Bucks Party?

You can do all different kinds of things at a bucks party. Some men like to play multiple rounds of poker while others may prefer going on a cruise where they’ll get to enjoy delicious food and drinks that are served by topless waitresses. Aside from playing poker or going on a cruise, you could hang out at the bar while watching beautiful strippers all night long.  These are just some of the different types of activities you’ll get to participate in during a bucks party.

How to Survive a Night Out With the Guys

Want to make sure you’re able to survive a night out with the guys while drinking and getting wild? If so, there are a few different things you’ll need to remember. For example, you should eat something before you start drinking. If you’re drinking different alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach, you’ll likely start to feel sick within a short period.

Drink plenty of water before you start drinking alcohol with the guys. You want to hydrate yourself before your night of fun. Once you start drinking, make sure you’re consuming the good stuff. Cheap liquor could leave you feeling sick, so avoid it like the plague and don’t worry about treating yourself to the more expensive stuff because this is an experience you may never get to relive again.

Along with these tips, make sure to stay with your group of friends. You don’t want to get lost in the middle of the night after you’ve been drinking. Most importantly, have a designated driver to take you back to the hotel or apartment you’re staying in at the end of the night.

What Should Be Included on Your To-Do List?

The exact types of activities you should add to your to-do list will depend primarily on your interests. However, if you’re trying to have an unforgettable time with your best group of friends, you should add a cruise and strippers to your to-do list. These are things you probably don’t do in your daily life, so why not do something different by going out on a cruise with topless waitresses and then coming back to celebrate with a few strippers? After all, the party is all about celebrating your last night as a single man before you get married to the one you love, so why not make the best of it?

If you’re getting married, your best man may want to plan out a bucks party for you where you’ll get to enjoy a crazy, wild night of single fun for the last time. There are plenty of things you’ll be able to do on your last night of being a single man, such as playing poker, going on a cruise, and even watching strippers put on quite the performance. It’s important for you to have a good time with your friends before you officially tie the knot, so make sure to check out the bucks party packages in Sydney to get an idea of all the fun and exciting things you’ll be able to do.

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