Deluxe Models Provides Topless Models for a 2020 Hollywood Movie

Brace yourselves for a little nostalgia and a truckload of excitement! For all the avid fans of Fantasy Island, another dream turns into a reality as the ‘70s classic TV series will have its own big screen adaptation. The Fantasy Island movie is set to be a horror adaptation of the series about a magical island resort. It will be starred by notable actors such as Michael Peña, Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, and Ryan Hansen.

In a year from now, people around the globe will once again see Mr. Roarke, and hear Tattoo ringing the bell while shouting, “Da plane, da plane!”. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Blumhouse Production announced that Fantasy Island movie will be in theaters on February 28th, 2020. In fact, principal photography for this upcoming adaptation already began last January 2019.

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Fantasy Island is known to be about a beautiful faraway island where your dreams come true, but with some unexpected twists. So it is only right that they have chosen to film it in Fiji, a country in the South Pacific which is an archipelago of more than 300 islands, and is known for its palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and clear lagoons.

With that said, Deluxe Models is proud to announce that we took part in this big-screen adaptation! As you may know, we are providers of sexy models who plays the role of topless waitresses or lingerie bartenders as party entertainers. In this case, Deluxe Models sent two topless models to Fiji and be part of the Fantasy Island movie!

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Fantasy Island TV Series

So going back to Fantasy Island, why don’t we go over the series quickly so we’ll know what to expect in the upcoming movie? Here are some quick facts about the Fantasy Island TV series!

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1.The fan-favorite island drama starred Ricardo Montalbán as Mr. Roarke, the foreman of the mysterious island sitting somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Alongside Mr. Roarke was his reliable and energetic sidekick, Tattoo, who announces the arrival of the new group of visitors at the beginning of each episode.

2.To sum up the storyline, Fantasy Island is a strange place where people of all ages and walks of life could go to and live all their dreams, but with a price. There’s a saying that goes, “be careful what you wish for”. The series kind of embodies this adage because when the guests get the chance to make their fantasies into a reality, they would be faced with unexpected turn of events that none of them would’ve imagined. With that in mind, it’s no doubt why it’s said to have carried dark themes and featured the supernatural.

3. Fantasy Island was a show that ran for 7 years from 1977-1984 that originally aired on ABC Network. A revival of the series aired again 14 years later on the same network during 1998-1999. It had 7 seasons and a total of 152 episodes.

4. It was created by Gene Levitt and starred by Ricardo Montalbán, Hervé Villechaize, Wendy Schaal, and Christopher Hewett. Fantasy Island series had several filming locations including Burbank, California and Kauai, Hawaii.

5. Did you know that the original pitch for Fantasy Island started as a joke? During a meeting where production pitched in different ideas, it was all turned down by the executive. Suddenly, one of the guys blurted out the idea of an island that people can go to where all their fantasies will be granted. Thus, Fantasy Island.

What To Expect in the Fantasy Island Movie

Now that we’re caught up with what the original series was about and we know the movie is currently at work, it’s only right that we equip ourselves with what the film adaptation has in store!

The film centers on a group of contest winners who goes to the island hotel to get the opportunity to live out their fantasies, only to find themselves in a crazy twists & turn of events. About the theme, they say that it will be carrying the vibe of Westworld – meets – The Cabin in the Woods, as it is described to be a horror adaption of the ‘70s tv series.

Surely there will be some noticeable differences but isn’t it exciting what kind of modern twists that they will come up with to incorporate into the story? Not to mention, the roles played by notable actors of today like

Aside from the actors, storyline, film location, and release date, it’s also important to know the names of the people behind the scenes who are making it happen. Jason Blum is the producer, while Truth or Dare filmmaker, Jeff Wadlow, is the director and executive producer. At the same time, Wadlow is also writing the script along with his Truth or Dare co-writers, Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs. Without them, we wouldn’t have the chance to see Fantasy Island once again in this generation.

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Deluxe Models Australia is very excited to have two girls from our team to be a part of the Fantasy Island film adaption. Just like this, you too can book your own sexy models for your parties and entertainment! We have the hottest and notable girls who can play as your topless barmaids, sexy waitresses, fun strippers, etc. And to that end, you can always rely on us to spice up your bucks parties, guys night out, and even corporate or promotional events. What are you waiting for?

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