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Melbourne Bucks Party Packages

It’s hard choosing the right entertainment for your best mates bucks party; you want it to be perfect.

Here at Deluxe Models we can take away all the pressure and stress of organising that perfect day/night.

We have come up with some fun and unique bucks party packages, as well as some funky venue options. So all you have to do it sit back and enjoy the celebration.

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We have multiple combinations of topless waitresses, strip shows, venues and other fun activities to suit any budget and to ensure your guests are kept entertained for the duration of the bucks party.

From tame to raunchy and anything in between, we will have a package that is just right for your party.

Whether its just a combination of ladies, or a ‘bucks friendly’ venue you want help with, we have a range of options and will be more than happy to assist you.

Once you have selected your bucks package we will provide you with a list of gorgeous ladies to choose from and we are ready to roll.  Your entertainment will be the life of the party and you will be getting pats on the back for organising a night your mates will never forget.

If you would like to tailor your own package just contact us to discuss it further.

Want more? Why not add a poker game into the mix? Teaming up with Deluxe Poker, we can offer you just that. Nothing more to organise…we will bring it all to your venue, hotel, apartment or home.

We work closely with the following venues:

Easeys Burgers, Collingwood
St LuJa, St Kilda
Boat Cruise, Docklands
Limerick Arms, South Melbourne
Auscarts Racing, Port Melbourne
The Cornerstone, Port Melbourne
The Swan Hotel, Richmond
Campari House, Melbourne
Bartronica, Melbourne

Check out our Melbourne venue packages for more details on package inclusions and photos.

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Bucks Party & Venue Packages Melbourne

Unforgettable Bucks Party Packages in Melbourne

If you’re engaged and preparing to get married in the next few weeks, you’ll likely want to have a bucks party. The party allows men to celebrate their final days as single men. In just a few weeks, you’ll be a husband to your beautiful bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the end of your single life with some friends who are ready to enjoy that final night with you.

If you’d like to have the time of your life right before the wedding, a bucks party is certainly a must. The good news is that there are some fantastic bucks party packages in Melbourne that are available for people like yourself who just want to have some fun before the wedding!

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Fantastic Party Ideas

There is certainly no shortage of fun things to do when celebrating your final day as a single man before the wedding.  If you’re interested in relaxing, having a few drinks, and seeing beautiful women, you could decide to book a cruise. While you’re on the cruise, topless women will serve you food and drinks, making sure you’re feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself throughout the day. They’ll take good care of you and your group of friends, providing excellent service with a smile.

You can even book topless waitresses to hang out with you and your friends at the club. These waitresses will serve you drinks and food all night long while spending time with you and sharing a few laughs. Strippers are readily available and can put on quite the show, making sure the night is one you’re never going to forget.

Paying For the Bucks Party

When it comes to paying for the cost of the party, assorted affordable packages are available. You may want to decide who will pay for the party in advance. Sometimes the groom’s best men pay for the entire party, but most of the time all the attendees choose to chip in because they want to go all out for their mate who is going to be getting married. It’s a good idea to talk things out with those who will attend the party to find out who is willing to chip in for a full day and night of craziness and excitement.

Planning the Party

Planning in advance is crucial. You’ll need to figure out exactly what you want to do on your last night as a single man. If you’d like to be surprised, the best man can plan the party out for you, choosing one or more of the different party packages that are available to ensure you end up having the best time possible. You may end up hanging at the club with strippers or going out on a cruise while enjoying the sunshine and lots of tasty drinks.

Sending Out Invites

You can invite anyone you’d like to celebrate with to come to your bucks party. There are no rules when it comes to who gets an invitation and who doesn’t. Make sure you’re inviting all your closest friends to come out and celebrate with you while you get to do all kinds of things you normally wouldn’t do. The best man may invite those who are invited to the party well in advance to find out exactly who is going to attend such a special event.

Deciding What to Do

You can decide what you want to do, or you can have your best man surprise you by planning everything out for you. Because your best man knows a lot about you and knows what you like and don’t like, he should easily be able to come up with some plans that are sure to excite you and everyone else who attends the bucks party in Melbourne. For example, you can hang out with beautiful topless models, play a game of poker, and even have some good laughs while enjoying a silly fatogram show.

Wild Night Survival Tips

Things often get wild at bucks parties, so it’s best to be prepared for such a wild night. Pack some aspirin in your wallet just in case you end up with a headache at any point. Don’t forget to have something to eat before drinking and while you’re drinking so that you’re not consuming a bunch of alcohol without having anything else in your stomach. Keep your phone by your side at all times because you never know when you’ll need to use it to search something up or to call someone.

Stock up on sports drinks and have them ready for you at the hotel. After a night of drinking, you may want to hydrate yourself with sports drinks that contain electrolytes. It’s convenient to have the drinks already at the hotel so that you won’t have to worry about trying to get to a store to purchase them when you’ve already had quite a few alcoholic beverages over the span of several hours.

Party Musts

If you want to have a great night, don’t be afraid to go all out. Book the topless waitresses and the stripper shows. You’ll get to decide on the waitresses you’d like to have based on their overall appearance to ensure you’re completely satisfied. It’s a great idea to go on the cruise because you’ll get to hang out on the water with your buddies while drinking all different kinds of liquor and spending some time with beautiful women who are there to serve you at that very moment.

Live it up before getting married by having a bucks party with your friends. You can spend the entire day with your friends doing the kinds of things you normally wouldn’t do. Now that you’re getting married, nights like this probably won’t happen anymore, which is why it’s so important to take advantage of the bucks party packages in Melbourne. These packages are offered to those who truly want to have the most memorable night possible before walking down that aisle and getting married.

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