Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Deluxe Model?

You can call one of our friendly professional staff on 1300 855 269.  We are committed to tailoring the best package and service for your event.  Alternatively you can make an enquiry on any of our contact forms through the website or email

When do I pay and how do I confirm the booking?

Your deposit (agency fee) is required upon booking to secure your model(s) and confirm the booking.  The balance is paid to your performer on arrival.  Please have the correct change ready before your model arrives.  Deposits can be paid by bank transfer or by credit card over the phone.

Can I touch the model?

NO! There is strictly no touching the models.

Can I expect the model/performer to be on time?

In normal circumstances you can.  Many of our models have multiple bookings on weekends and on occasion there can be holds up due to traffic, weather and other unforeseen events.  If the model is running late, you can ensure a call from Deluxe Models or the model themselves to update you with an ETA.  If your model is late and you have not heard from anyone, please call us on 1300 855 269 and we will contact your model immediately to get an ETA.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We encourage you to book as far in advance as possible.  Our models are in high demand and our peak season is between September and March. Booking at least two weeks in advance will give you the best chance to secure the model/s of your choice.

Can we have our event in a public venue?

This depends on the venue.  You can ask them if they would be happy to accommodate your service type or you can ask us for a list of some local venues that we have used in the past.  Please be aware that most venues will not allow nudity in a public area.  We also ask that you let us know if this will be the case so we can provide a suitable model.

Does it matter if the event is outside?

This is weather dependent.  We do not expect our models to work in environments that they will be uncomfortable and neither should you.  If you have arranged an outdoor event you will need to let us know.  If there is any chance of cold weather we encourage you to make the appropriate alternative arrangements to ensure that your model is comfortable.  They have the right to cover up if exposed to inappropriate weather conditions.

Can you guarantee the person I have chosen is the person who will turn up on the night?

Deluxe Models will do everything we possibly can to ensure that the model you have chosen is the model that turns up on the night.  In the unlikely situation that your model cannot make the booking we will let you know as soon as possible and make arrangements for a replacement.

Can I take photos?

There are absolutely no photos or videotaping allowed.  This includes mobile phone cameras.  If any photos are taken, the Show or Shift can be terminated on the spot.

What happened if I want to extend my booking on the night?

Requesting an extension is completely up to the performer.  If they have a booking after your event they will regretfully decline.  You are best to pre-book the hours you want.  Please don’t hesitate to call us for an additional last minute booking.

When do we have to pay additional travel fees?

If your event is outside a 25km radius of the CBD there may be a travel charge.  The travel fee is for time spent travelling, petrol and potential loss of income from missing other events closer to the city.  We will always let you know if there is an additional travel fee before booking.

What can we ask our topless waiters/waitress do?

Serve drinks, serve food, host bucks games, join in on suitable activities and mingle with your guests.

What can’t we ask our topless waiters/waitress to do?

Perform sex acts, anything degrading, anything that might make them uncomfortable.

Can I stay in touch with the model?

Deluxe Models will not give out their personal information at events.  Please do not ask them for their personal contact details or facebook information.