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Deluxe Models has a number of bucks party packages in Perth suitable for any type of occasion.  Check out the package options below

Perth Bucks Party Packages

Why let planning your best mates bucks party be stressful when Deluxe Models can do it all for you?    We can take away all of that pressure and help you to organise the perfect day/night.

We have come up with some impressive bucks party packages and we can bring it all to a venue of your choice.   Then you can invite your mates, sit back and enjoy the celebration.

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We have endless combinations of topless waitresses, strip shows and other fun activities to suit any budget and to ensure your guests are kept entertained for the duration of the bucks party. Just let us know the venue location and we will do the rest.

From tame to raunchy and anything in between, we will have something that is just right for your party.

Whether you need help and advice on planning the whole event, or simply just want us to provide some gorgeous ladies, we have a range of options and will be more than happy to assist you.

Once you have chosen your bucks package we will send you a list of our sensational ladies to choose from and then you are ready to party!

Our ladies will be the highlight of your event and your best mate will be sure to enjoy, appreciate and never forget his special night that you planned with ease.

If you would like to tailor your own package just contact us to discuss it further.

Want more? Why not add a poker game into the mix? Teaming up with Deluxe Poker, we can offer you just that. Nothing more to organise…we will bring it all to your venue, hotel, apartment or home.

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Bucks Party Packages Perth

Take Advantage of the Convenient Bucks Party Packages in Perth

A bucks party is often thrown for a man who is engaged and about to get married. The man’s friends tend to make some arrangements to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with a wild night of fun and exciting activities. So, what exactly is the purpose of having a bucks party? It’s all about making sure the groom-to-be gets to have one more night out with the guys before he’s locked down in a committed relationship with his wife.

People have been throwing these kinds of parties for ages. If you’re engaged and getting married shortly, you’re probably looking forward to having this night out with the guys while your wife-to-be has a good time out with her friends. If so, there are some reasonable bucks party packages in Perth that you may want to consider.

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Fun Party Options

There is nothing quite like having a party with topless waitresses and gorgeous strippers showing off their dance moves while making sure you’re having fun. You might not know exactly what you want to do, but you know you want to have a genuinely good time out with the guys so that you can check out some of the different party package options. Rounds of poker are offered, topless waitresses are available, and you can even have a cruise party arranged for you and the entire group of friends that are planning to attend the party.

Paying For the Party

Reasonable package deals are offered to make the celebration fun for everyone without costing them a fortune. Numerous people may decide to foot the bill for the party. In many instances, the men who are throwing the bucks party for the groom will each pay a portion of the total cost so that one person doesn’t have to pay for the entire thing all on their own. The group of guys could each put some money in and work together to ensure everything is paid for so that the groom can have such a memorable night.

Of course, it all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes the groom-to-be wants to contribute to the cost of the party, and sometimes the best man takes on that responsibility, paying for different party packages to celebrate such an important moment.

Organizing Important Details

Creating an itinerary for the day is a great idea because it allows the group of guys to plan everything out ahead of time. When you have all the important details of the day and night planned out, you won’t have to wonder as much about what you’re going to do next because you’ll already know. The person who is doing most of the planning may want to check out some of the party options that are available before deciding on a specific package.

The men at the bucks party can play poker while trying to win big. If they’re not into poker, they can spend several hours on a cruise with topless women serving them drinks whenever they want them. And, even if they don’t want to go on a cruise, they could choose to hang out with topless waitresses and strippers at the club for the rest of the night. With options like this available, you’ll surely get to have a remarkable time celebrating your final days as a bachelor.

Inviting the Right People

Make sure the right people are invited. You want to invite people who like to have fun and are down to try different things. You never know what to expect when someone else is planning out your bucks party, so you do want to make sure the people you’re inviting are adventurous and ready to have a good time with you.

Most men choose to invite their brothers and best friends to share this moment with them. The guys get to spend that quality time together, whether they’re at the club, on a boat, or even gambling.

Trying Different Things

Because the party is a one-of-a-kind thing, it won’t hurt to try a few different things. For example, the fatogram show is often a huge hit. Never heard of it before? During the show, a voluptuous woman comes out and puts on a hilarious yet sexy performance.

In addition to the fatogram, you can have two topless chefs cook you and your friends a full breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, muffins, and so much more. The breakfast meal will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Who wouldn’t love to see a beautiful woman preparing a delicious, wholesome meal after a night of staying up late and partying into the early hours of the morning?

Surviving the Crazy Night

There is one thing you should know about bucks parties before you have one of your own. While they’re all different, most of them get a bit wild, so you should expect nothing short of excitement and craziness, but in a good way. You’re going to get to have a lot of fun while you’re out with your guy friends, but there are a few things you should do to make sure you’re surviving such a crazy night in the first place.

Never drink without eating, only drink what you can tolerate, and don’t be afraid to relax and unwind. Avoid dehydration by drink plenty of water between your alcoholic beverages and you should be good to go. Make sure the rest of the guys do the same to avoid any issues with people getting sick or fainting during the night out.

Start Your To-Do List

If you’re ready to make some memories with the guys, start compiling a list of things you want to do with them. Review the Perth bucks party ideas and then decide on the package that is right for you or let your best man decide on the perfect package. It’s not every single day that you’ll get to have this kind of fun, so make the most of the experience and take lots of pictures to look back on and laugh in the future.

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