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At Deluxe Models, we understand just how much pressure is on you to pull off the best event with quality entertainment, so we’re here to take the stress off you.

Hire a Bikini, Lingerie, Nude or Topless Waitress in Melbourne

With the most tantalising topless waitresses in Melbourne, our girls are stunning, skilled and ready to spice up your next event.

Deluxe Models is the best in the business, with topless barmaids perfect for bucks parties, birthdays, corporate events, Christmas parties and more.

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Whether it’s an all-out bucks night or a casual kickback with the boys, our sexy topless girls with give you an eye full as they help you party in style!

Our gorgeous topless waitresses are all about providing you with outstanding service. They’ll serve you drinks, snacks, food and fun for all occasions with professionalism and class. They’re friendly, flirty, capable and we’ll happily tailor the event to suit your needs.

On top of Melbourne’s most breathtaking topless barmaids and topless waitresses, we have talented topless poker dealers, so for a memorable poker night with your mates ask us about our poker packages.

We run events all across Melbourne with the best of the best in topless service and the most gorgeous girls in the city. If you want the cream of the crop, an unbeatable bucks party idea or a fun way to make your next boys night far more interesting, Deluxe Models has the best and most beautiful topless barmaids you’ll find.

Contact Us now with your event details and we will send you a list of gorgeous models available to choose from.

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Topless Waitresses In Melbourne From Deluxe Models Australia

Are you searching for a good way to some adult excitement and jazz to your next event in Melbourne?  All across Australia, DMA provides an attraction for party hosts that will entertain and delight your guests.  We are specifically talking about providing your event with added excitement and charm in the seductive form of having one or (even better) several topless waitresses.

So how will that add excitement, fun, humour, and flavour to your event?  Probably in many more way than you might think at first.

Although it is essential for both your event and audience to be age-appropriate, when you stop and think about it there are numerous parties for adults where adult entertainment and themes can make your night a lot more interesting. Just think about how amazing it would be to kick back with co-workers, friends, or other adults as scantily clad women who have dazzling personalities and beautiful smiles serve all of your favourite beverages to you!

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One of the first types of events that people think of are Bachelor’s Parties, but another great option is Boys Night Out. There are also funerals, retirement, anniversary, and birthday parties.  It is hard thinking of any event that couldn’t be enhanced by having attractive women there to keep spirits high and the drinks flowing.

Book a Topless Waitress in Melbourne for Your Special Events

You want your event to succeed.  Whether you have an important business event coming up where your future partners will be attending, or you are going to be the host of a weekend gathering with long-time friends, the time you take planning and preparing your event will always be appreciated by your guests.

Spicing up your party’s fun and excitement can be done in numerous ways, but a topless waitress is one of the most effective ones.   When served using the right presentation, even a second-rate beer can be almost as good as Dom Perignon.

It has never been easier to find an attractive young woman for this important presentation as your yacht party, hotel suite, personal residence, or office party.  And since people love sharing a fun-loving spirit across social strata and different industries, there are numerous events that call for adding some wanton abandon and lively revelry.  This type of regular entertainment is an essential and time-honoured way for optional functioning after returning to the daily mundane business world.

If you are going to be hosting a special event where it is essential to make a good impression with a specific guest, then you need to get a fantastic presentation set up and pull all of the stops out.  Deluxe Models Australia features a wide range of elegance and beauty in various presentations to suit all different tastes.  You can choose the most effective solution to make that critical favourable impression and guarantee that your guests have a memorable experience that they will appreciate and remember fondly for many years into the future.

In addition to offering more curves than a picturesque railway and radiant smiles that will smash inhibitions, our girls have plenty of charm and winning personalities as well, which are essential ingredients for having a successful party.  They can end up being the catalyst that turns your lame gathering into the year’s stellar event.  All it takes is one phone call and saying those magic words of “Don’t walk out just yet ladies and gentlemen!  Topless Waitresses from Melbourne are headed your way.”  As the saying goes, the rest will be history.

Although there is a classic appeal to the topless barmaid, don’t ever underestimate the sophistication and elegance that a lingerie waitress provides.  Party plans including this type of adult-themed service significantly increase the fun and help to build stronger and more longer-lasting relationships between guests.

What Deluxe Models Australia Can Provide To You

Whenever you are hiring a topless waitress to give your event some added pizzazz, you can expect to have a superior experience when you work with Deluxe Models Australia to choose your girls.  With many years of experience in providing this important service to the finest hosts in Australia, we completely understand the excitement and appeal of a topless waitress is not simply due to the lack of her wearing a brasserie but her style and warm personality that compliment your special event.

We are very proud of the excellent responses that our clients have given us not only due to the class and beauty of our girls but also their capacity for providing an engaging presentation and offering outgoing, sparkling aspects that all parties need to have.

So what can you expect when you hire a topless waitress Melbourne?  You will get a comprehensive package, with more than you could imagine making it the perfect addition to your event. (Are you trying to find a way to make sure your employees are awake for your upcoming Monday morning meeting?  Look who can serve the coffee!).  From pool parties to poker night, a topless waitress can add energy and spirit to your event.

Some Useful Tips For Hiring Topless Waitresses

Although you will discover that all of the Deluxe Models Australia girls are as fetching, smart, and sassy as possible, it is critical that your girls be treated with respect.  Hosts and guests can feast their eyes, admire, and drool over them all they want, but in this business grabbing and touching are not appropriate. Also, ask us about the policies we have on filming our girls since many of them work professionally in other industries and could be affected if those videos went viral.  Just have a great time, relax and enjoy the splendour of having beautiful girls bring you drinks and then let your friends know about what a great time you had!

Try Out Our 3 Hour Three Topless Waitresses Deal

Sometimes one isn’t enough, and that’s why we have a very special deal where you can get a nice discount on three very attractive waitresses – our three hot girls package.  We will send three topless waitresses out to you who will spend three full hours while adding 300% beauty and charm to your event.  That is the preferred option since it will give the ladies time to mingle with your guests, swap stories, and provide a better presence compared to one poor girl trying to run back and forth frantically from the beer taps over to the guests.  For a bigger party, try out our three-hour deal on three flirty, friendly females.

Get in touch with Deluxe Model Australia to learn more about our topless waitresses as well as the outstanding deals for your Melbourne event!

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