Sex Sells: Sex in Advertising – The Naked Truth

“Sex Sells” – that’s what advertisers and marketers say all the time.

Sex in advertising means using sexually provocative imagery, sounds, implications, and subliminal messages to spark the interest in a brand. Using sex to generate customer engagement, online traffic, and sales is an effective technique that guarantees great results, especially from male target markets.

In this case, sex refers to the beautiful women (and sometimes, handsome men) who are used to win over potential customers to the brand/product/service being offered and advertised. Let’s use sexy waitresses for example. In bars usually dominated by men, beautiful women are seen serving the customers. Why?

In the media, the primary goal of advertising is to create a need in a particular target market so that a company could provide and satisfy that need. When the target market is men, many advertisers lean towards making women the star in the ad that will convince men to buy the product or avail the service.

If you have noticed, products for men such as cologne, beer, or cars have women involved in their advertisements. The reason seems to be that men would have a mindset of getting themselves a woman if they use that cologne, drink that beer, or drive that car. This technique to target men has been going on for quite some time now and seem to have created a stereotype or an expectation for men to keep up their manly image with these particular products.

Why Waitresses Look Sexy

Following the notions influenced by the media, many establishments have applied it businesses. Hiring women as employees for the hospitality and customer service industry seems to be an unspoken trend that has been going on for years because women are known to be more gentle and warm, which is good for making clients feel good.

With that said, it is no wonder why nightclubs for men, casinos, bars, lounges, and any other place dominated by men have beautiful and sexy women as waitresses, card dealers, performers, liaisons, etc. Waitress responsibilities and waitress skills include taking orders, entertaining, speed reading customers, ensure they are comfortable and happy.

Parties and gatherings dedicated to men such as a bachelor party, a poker night party,  or a night out with the boys are perfect examples of social events that need sexy waitresses for hire. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to do that. Just type in “waitresses for parties” or “waitresses for home parties”, and the results will follow in an instant. With women to spice up the night, every guy’s party become an instant sexy zone like no other.

It’s no secret that men love seeing women, and the fact that women are some kind of a temptation that leads them to dirty thoughts. The night becomes, exciting,  playful, and very memorable for men.

In an article by Psychology Today, it is said that there’s an obvious courtship analogue. Examples are that men give gifts to women when courting, and hunters set aside food to send it to their potential lovers. The generosity of males is a complex subject to tackle. Reasons they are generous tippers include:

–    To show kindness, sensitivity, and consideration.

–    To promote the social status and high income by the amount given.

–    To oblige the waitress to repay sexually.

It’s a known fact that men are easily aroused when they see a beautiful woman. It lightens up a man’s mood and brings up the party to a whole new level, which all results to a great night for all the male customers to remember. When the customers are happy, they tend to become big tippers.

In general, people tend to be more generous when they’re served by someone attractive or some who looks very presentable simply because being around visually pleasant things or people makes people feel good. And when people feel good, they want others to feel good as well, including tipping more so that waitresses will also feel good.


5 Types of Sexy Waitresses Men Like

  1. The Classy Sexy Waitress

“Less is more,” they say. These are the prim and proper type of waitresses who tease a lot. They’re not big on obvious flirting and very revealing clothes but they have their subtle ways, and they dress sexy enough to show a lot of skin,  leaving men wanting for more.  Example, instead of wearing strappy bras or sexy lingerie, these type of waitresses might go for a sexy off shoulder top or halter rompers.

The classy, sexy waitresses live up to the label of “classy” not only by how they dress but also by how they act. All out flirting is a no-no, but they give the men some lingering glances, lustful smirks, and maybe a little lip bite or a wink.

  1. The Topless Waitress

Well, nothing beats some goods laid out for people to enjoy, right? In a man’s defence, not all of them like that but some men do. Also, to follow the vibe and aesthetic of the bar, concept or theme, topless waitresses sometimes play the role of being the life of the party. You’d be surprised how guys come alive with all the sexy women that surround them.

  1. The Hot Waitress

The hot waitress is the show-stopping women who look like playboy models that were plucked straight out from the men’s magazine. These hot waitresses might be the stars of the bars and are reserved for the VIP clients who pay a lot more than average. The playboy-like woman is similar to the most popular girl in school that you can’t have. In short, they’re gorgeous and in demand.

  1. The Naughty Waitress

Naughty refers to the lustful waitresses who do more than just look good and smirk, they are the ones who actually do something naughty and bring out the lust in you both. They’re glad to make clients feel good by giving you a little action such as:

  • Give a lap dance
  • Do a body shot on the client or vice versa
  • Sit on the lap & play with the hair
  • Kiss the client on the cheek
  • Dance with the client on the dance floor
  • Sit down and actually talk (or flirt)

Although this takes your services to the next level, keep in mind the boundaries so that you know when it’s still okay or already over the line. This ensures that both the waitress and the employee is not harassed by the other and to avoid unwanted situations to keep the night going smoothly.

  1. The Friendly Waitress

Last but definitely not the least, the friendly waitress is the real MVP here. This waitress is everyone’s friend who knows everyone and is loved by everyone. They’re not necessarily the flirty and naughty type, but she is literally a friend. Although she looks as beautiful as the others, she has than cheerful aura that does not make her like the other girls in the bar. She’s the waitress that men can easily talk to, rely on, and have a good time with sans all the dirty looks and lustful actions.

To summarise it all up, the whole reason why their waitresses in bars, casinos and bachelor party are simply because sex sells and women are apparently the life of the party for men. They bring the fun and excitement, at the same time, the warm and gentleness that men didn’t know they need. Whether it’s a time to relieve stress, distract oneself, celebrate a best bud’s upcoming marriage – men will need and/or want a woman to help them achieve that.


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