6 Model Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

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“Beauty is easy. Modeling is not just about being pretty.” – Tyra Banks

It’s no surprise that there are some people who look down on certain jobs that (1) doesn’t need a degree for someone to be qualified, and (2) are leaning towards the creative industry. When in fact, every job has own difficulties and challenges. It’s all about the lack of understanding another field that makes others judge negatively.

One of the jobs that people think is easy is modeling. To understand the modeling industry better, here are 6 myths people believe about modeling and an explanation to prove otherwise!

Myth#1: Models are all about beauty.
Although it may seem that way sometimes, it really isn’t all about beauty. In case you didn’t know, beauty fades. And even if it does, there’s always medical intervention, cosmetics, and editing to help with that. What a model needs is not only a pretty face, a model needs to have personality. Without it, she is just a boring girl on a poster ad. Clients are more likely to book models repeatedly if they let their personality shine through because aside from looks, it’s what will make them stand out and be remembered.

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Modeling is not only limited to photos or editorial jobs alone. There are now commercial shoots, modeling runways, party gigs, etc. Different jobs call for different roles. Different roles call for pleasing personalities and versatility. If you have beauty and personality, you’re already ahead of the game.

Myth #2: Models are automatically photogenic.
Anyone who thinks this should be reminded of the saying, “no one is perfect”. Not even any model is an exception to this. Do you think models are supernatural beings who just don’t get pimples, bad hair days, off poses, and awful gigs? Well, models are humans too and they do undergo the normal things we all experience as well. Luckily, there are these things called makeup and Photoshop to save the day.

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A day in the life of a model consists of long hours of waiting, sitting on hair & makeup sessions, styling, posing and reposing to get the perfect shots. Just take a look at reality tv shows like Australia’s Next Top Model and you would surely understand. Also, if you do some research, there are contestants in the show and even real models who make it far in the industry not because they look perfect, but because of the unique qualities that make them stand out.

Myth #3: Models live a lavish life.
Although it may seem that way, what people don’t see is how much each aspiring model struggles. It doesn’t come as easy as it looks. Think of it this way: models are self-employed businesswomen. Their modeling salary relies heavily on how hard they work. They are the managers of their own career and it’s up to them to be able to book as many modeling jobs as they can so they don’t stay idle and keep their workload filled.

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Their life consists of many go-sees at different modeling agencies and piled up rejections, so it is vital to be determined, thick-skinned, and resilient.

Myth #4: Models are dumb.
Again, modeling is a business and a model is her own manager who makes things happen. To survive in such a difficult industry, one has to be business-minded and well disciplined. Keep in mind that younger girls are usually getting hired. So to be able to work in a fast-paced community with a certain age gap, harsh criticisms, and numerous rejections, someone in the modeling business should have a certain level of maturity and professionalism.

A model often faces with many different clients including the big shots who may or may not be connected with major fashion week events. There’s a standard to live up to, there are people to please, there are higher levels of pressure sometimes. At an age where you should be enjoying and hanging out with friends all the time, a model has to continually work hard to maintain their beauty, body, and career by grabbing every opportunity to add to their list of experiences.

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Myth #5: Models have a bad attitude.
There are actually a lot of models who are kind and sweet aside from being professional. In an industry that lies purely on face, name, and experience, there’s no room for models to have a bad attitude because it’s easy to get rejected for this and get blackballed. They might come off this way to some people sometimes, but maybe they had a long day or a bad shoot. Consider first their situation or how they are approached and maybe it’s understandable.

Myth #6: Modeling is easy.
No job is ever easy, even modeling. If you switch up a model and the photo editor, each individual would surely have a hard time performing well because they both are in a completely different field. A model isn’t used to cropping, adjusting brightness, and adding effects to a raw photo. A photo editor isn’t used to working it in front of the camera, walking on a runway, and being watched & instructed by clients and photographers. No one has the right to say someone’s job is easier than another because each job is different.

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In modeling, a different set of skills and values are required to book a job and to make it as a career.

To give you a quick recap, here’s a quick checklist of what it takes for a model to be successful:

✓ Beauty
✓ Brains
✓ Versatility
✓ Discipline
✓ Charm & Personality
✓ Goal-driven Attitude

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The Reality of Models
The truth is, modeling is not easy. No job is. Different lines of work call for different qualities, values, experience, and acquired skills. A day in the life of models consists of multiple go-sees, rejection after rejection, endless instructions from photographers and clients, some off-days and bad timing, and constant critique from others and then questioning yourself if you’re still good enough to make it far.

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Modeling takes a toll on self-esteem, confidence, and almost everything about physical appearance. With that, one must need to have grace under pressure, maturity, and professionalism to handle rejection, determination to keep on going despite all the negative aspects of the job, and even the versatility to become what the client wants you to be. So you see, modeling is more than just beauty — it’s a one-woman show.  Deluxe Models Australia has a range of entertainment options like Strippers and Topless waitresses for hire in Melbourne.



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