Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Hire A Lingerie Waitress In Sydney

Suns out, guns out! Or, if you hire a lingerie waitress from Deluxe Models, suns out, buns out! Don’t think a buck’s is the only occasion for you to hire a sexy lingerie waitress to serve drinks. Summer brings on a huge range of reasons to get out and enjoy the good weather in Sydney. Why not hire some stunning women to make your summer nights a real treat for everyone! Still can’t think of anything that warrants some special drinks service? Don’t worry, Deluxe Models has some great ideas for you.

It’s the time for Sport!

Summer sports are kicking into gear, so you have plenty of options to choose from if you want to bring your mates together for some real summer fun. Tennis, cricket, soccer, rugby… and even the horses racing is kicking into gear, and they can give you a great excuse to party. And speaking of kicking into gear, the V8 supercars start revving up in summer, so if your boys are more into gears than balls, you still have some great opportunities to have a party to remember. 

If you can’t make it to any actual sporting events, you can have viewing parties of UFC, boxing and more at home, and make it worthwhile with some eye candy! And even if your guests are not that interested in sport, some super hot Sydney lingerie waitresses will certainly make them take an interest!

How many people are getting married in Summer?

Summer is everyone’s favourite time to get married. The sunshine is great for photos, and rainy winters are miserable for women in high heels and stockings. But that also means summer brings no shortage of buck’s nights, because you can’t have a wedding without a bucks! 

If you’re the best man for your best mate, you should seriously consider some lingerie waitresses to make his night truly memorable. And even if you aren’t the best man, you should push for some lingerie waitresses to be at the bucks. No one will be mad about it, they’ll probably thank you.

BBQs and Boys Nights

There’s no Australian tradition quite like a good barbecue in the summer. Chops, snags, steaks and beer, what more could a guy want? Well, Deluxe Models can make your summer barbecues a real sausage sizzler with some special girls to serve the drinks.

But you don’t have to have a barbecue to entertain your mates. You don’t need any reason other than great weather and great mates to make a night of it. Why not just go for it, get out in the warm summer evenings, and treat yourself to some great company…. And your boys can come too if you want!

How Can Deluxe Models Help Find You A lingerie waitress in Sydney

Thought you needed an excuse to have a great party with great service? Think again, there’s actually no excuse not to. Deluxe Models can offer you an amazing selection of beautiful and fun, but also experienced and professional lingerie waitresses to make your summer nights a sight to behold.

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