Find out what it’s really like to be a Waitress at a Bucks Party

Have you ever wondered what’s it really like to be a waitress at a bucks party because if so, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to tell you what the job is really like. By the end of this article, you might find yourself ready to become a waitress. That said, here’s what it is really like:

Weekend Work

For starters, waitresses who work at a bucks party will usually work on the weekends. Typically, this is Saturday nights, Friday late nights and sometimes Sundays. Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular nights for men to throw a bucks party.

A waitress will learn where she will go, then she will spend a little bit of time preparing, just as if she was heading out to a party. Once she arrives, then it’s time to work. She gets right into it and starts making the rounds, asking people what they want to order and then bring out their food and drinks.

Earn Great Money

One of the best things about being a waitress at a bucks party is the amount of money that can be made. When a waitress makes her rounds, she will receive tips as the night goes on or receive one large tip at the end of the night. Generally speaking, many waitresses earn between $80-$120 or more per hour.

Different factors determine how much a waitress can make, but there’s a good chance you can earn a lot. There have been many instances in which a waitress has made more in a night than she has all week at her full-time job. As a waitress at a bucks party, you have tremendous earning potential.

You Make A Ton Of Friends

You will make a ton of friends as you work at bucks parties. In fact, a lot of waitresses are surprised at how many friends they make while they work. The more parties you work, the more friends you’ll likely make. If you’re friendly and enjoy meeting new people, then there’s no better job than being a waitress at a bucks party.

Comfortable Atmosphere

People have the false impression that being a waitress at a bucks party is dangerous, but that is far from the truth. Bear in mind that the companies that send out waitresses tend to vet the people that the waitresses will be interacting with. In other words, the company won’t send their waitresses to someplace that is unsafe and will put their safety at serious risk.

Most new waitresses are surprised at just how comfortable they feel when they work a bucks party. Basically, you’ll be serving men their food, drinks and maybe be flirting a little bit. It’s all silly stuff, and most of the men you come across will be friendly and respectful.

You Travel

Being a waitress at a bucks party means travelling to various places. During the week, you’ll be told where to go for the party, and then you’ll head over there if you want. Otherwise, you decline the gig, but if you love travelling, then being a waitress working bucks parties is for you.

Most gigs are local, while some gigs do require a bit of travelling. You might be required to attend a part that is an hour or two away. The good news is it’s up to you how far you will travel.

It's Fun

Not only is the atmosphere comfortable, but it is fun because waitresses feel more like they are at a party than they are at work. You get to dress up just as you would if you were going to your own party. It really doesn’t feel like work at all.

Work With Great People

As a waitress, you will get the chance to work with other ladies who are doing the same thing as you, but you’ll also work with other ladies doing other gigs, such as bar-tending, dancing and so forth. In other words, you work with various people, and they will all make your night memorable, as all of you make the bucks party memorable for all of the men in attendance.

Do you enjoy mingling with co-workers and do you want to actually work alongside people you will love to be around? If so you should consider becoming a waitress. As soon as you arrive at your first bucks party, you’ll realise fast just how great the other workers are.

That is what it’s like to be a waitress at a bucks party. As you can see, it’s a fun job to have, and it’s mostly done on the weekends. If you’re looking to make great money and you have a good personality, then consider becoming a waitress at bucks parties.

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